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 Pure Chaos News

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PostSubject: Pure Chaos News   Mon May 16, 2011 8:38 pm

-Birth of 'Pure Chaos'
-Worked on customed ranks, [Clan Moderators] and [VIPs] are now available.
-Editing more later on/Explaining what the new ranks mean and do. Be the first one to achieve this rank by joining first. First clan members have a higher chance to become the next [Clan Moderator]. Also [VIP] is not easy to get and is hard earned.

-Pking Event (Location: Edge Vile, Time: All Day) Ended.
-Okay the ranks [Clan Moderators] have the ability to tell me who should get kicked, they first have to submit like a screenie for evidence. They help enforce the rules in the clan too.
-[VIPs] are some very important people that have been in the clan for a long time and are pros, also that I love them no homo, don't get this wrong because I LOVE EVERYONE IN PURE CHAOS NO HOMO .
-We are now an Official World 1 & World 2 Clan.

-No Events
-Added the following...
-Uniform/Pking Gear section (Still under editing)
-Clan list update
-Promoted "Wtfawxs to High Council"
-Ban Appeal Questions

-No Events
-Uniforms/Pking Gear section, done by today probably
-Fixed a bunch of errors
-Added Requirements
-New application questions
-Updated the clan list
-Yes this clan is very active as you can see, I update new things every day
-Made List of Un-Approval Users
-Deleted the "Suggestions category"
-Promoted "Mr MageBallz to Pc Moderator"
-Pking vid preview coming soon probably
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Pure Chaos News
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