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PostSubject: Punishments   Mon May 16, 2011 8:48 pm


Warning - Basically me telling you to stop or else you will get punished in these offences.
Kick - Is kicking you out of the clan for a period of time.
Ban - Banning you for a longer period of time just like kick, but longer.
Demoted - Lowering your rank to Chaos Member, or if your a member already you'll be a Chaos Jr, which is not a 100% fully member yet. To earn back Chaos member you will need to apply again, but with a sorry at the end with at least 2 sentences .
Chaos Ban - Ban forever.
Kick, Ban, Demoted, Chaos Ban appeals are at the top appeal them their.

1st Offence: Warning
2nd Offence: Warning, kick (1-3), or ban (1-7).
3rd Offence: Warning, kick (1-3), ban (1-7), or demoted (Depends).
4th Offence: Warning, kick (1-3), ban (1-7), demoted (Depends), or chaos banned (Forever).
5th Offence Automatic Chaos banned (Forever).

*Automatic Chaos Bans*
False Applications
Lieing in a serious situation
5th Offence (If you have made it without being chaos banned already).

To avoid being kicked, banned, demoted, or chaos banned, then click here.
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