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 Pure Chaos Appeals

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PostSubject: Pure Chaos Appeals   Mon May 16, 2011 9:20 pm

If you were kicked, banned, demoted, or chaos banned & want to regret it then copy & paste the blue quotes bellow.

Quote :
What punishment have you recieved?
What have you done?
When did you do the offence (Date)?
Was the offence against an another player (If so, then name it here)?
What rules do you think you have broken?
What 3 rules seem most important to you?
Statement of Revival, Pure Chaos (Why you should be un-punished, good words of faith, at least 3 sentences):

We do not want to ban you out of the clan, so therefore I hope your application is accepted, you still have a chance of getting "denied", but hey it doesn't mean we hate you. Just keep trying if you really want to be in again, thank you for trying to become part of the clan again!
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Pure Chaos Appeals
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